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51% by Zoe Tenner

51% by Zoe Tenner
51% by Zoe Tenner

DESIGNER: Zoe Tenner


Happiness. Joy. Hope. What it means to find the 51% 

A girl lives a lifetime in her 4 years of college. There are so many new things to experience! New places, new friends, new freedom, but with those come new doubts, new fears, and new insecurities. While girls navigate situations they’ve never before encountered, it can be easy to question their place in the world. Rather than becoming scared or confused, this is the perfect time to put your trust in God and his plan. To act as a guide for this confusing time, Zoe Tenner decided to write her book Fifty-One Percent. According to Zoe, the secret to finding happiness is ensuring that your trust in God’s plan outweighs your trust in worldly events. 

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