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Influencer Spotlight Merritt Huey
Merritt (@merritthuey) is a social media influencer from Birmingham, AL, living in Nashville, TN. She believes in not taking life too seriously, and she exemplifies this on the platform she has made for herself. Known for her personality and humor, she ties this in with her love for photography, content creation, and fashion. She hopes that through her platform she can inspire those who follow her to feel free to be exactly who they are whenever and wherever! 
Influencer Spotlight Merritt Huey
You're meeting a friend for coffee. Where is your go-to spot?
Humphrey’s in Nashville is one of my favs for sure! When I'm back in Birmingham, I frequent Red Cat in Pepper Place.
Influencer Spotlight Merritt Huey
Tell us about your ideal Saturday plans.
The day would start with taking a trip to Pepper Place farmers market. From there, I would grab brunch at The Essential with friends for some delicious food and mimosas. We would all then end our day by hitting up Avondale Brewery for live music and local beer! 
Influencer Spotlight Merritt Huey
Tell us about your favorite vacation spot.
My most favorite place to travel would be anywhere on the West Coast- Venice, San Diego, Laguna Beach, etc. West Coast sunsets are what I live for! As for somewhere that I haven't been that I'm dying to go- the Maldives.
Influencer Spotlight Merrit Huey
What is your idea of the perfect date night?
A perfect date night for me would be going to the rooftop bar at the Elyton Hotel around sunset to grab a drink. After our sunset drink, we would head to dinner at East West for a burger followed by a movie at home. 
Influencer Spotlight Merritt Huey
Describe your airport style.
I try to stay cute because I like to feel famous (haha!) but I have to keep it comfy. A good tee, hoodie (to keep me warm on the plane) paired with loose boyfriend jeans and cute sneakers.
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