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Holiday party tips from Alex at The Pantry!

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1. Let the host or hostess know you will be joining and do not be late. Try and be ten minutes early — any earlier and the host may still be in a tizzy. Tizzy. I love that word.

2. Never show up empty-handed. Bring a bottle of champagne or something that can be used at their next hosting event.

3. Always offer a hand. Most of the time you will be shooed away to enjoy your glass of wine, but it never hurts to ask.

4. Keep count of your glasses of wine. I’ve always been bad with numbers, so trust me.

5. No cell phones — unless something Instagram worthy happens.

6. If you’re having a Pretty Woman moment…“Siri, which fork do I start with again?” She knows. Promise.

7. Enjoy yourself! Nothing pays a higher compliment to a host than laughter and great conversation. Bashful? Think of some talking points or fun stories you could share before you arrive.

8. Stick a game into your purse, and if things are slowing down, be the girl with a solution. Who doesn’t love a little Catch Phrase?

9. Jump in and help clean up. If whipping Catch Phrase out of your oversized clutch didn’t make your date fall in love you with you, this will.

10. Write a thank you note. Everyone loves a hand written note. Everyone.



Pickled Carrots // $12.99
These are not just carrots. They are pink carrots. There are multiple pickled products to choose from and all pair beautifully with cheese and any other accompaniment found on a grazing board for a party.

Secco Italian Bubbles // $18.50
Bubbles are always a good idea. This is a delicious bottle with a reasonable price tag.

Flavored Sea Salt and Chèvre Log // Salt: $6.99 // Cheese: $5.00
Flavored salt can be used in culinary dishes all year long, and a chèvre log is delicious on a cracker or crudités and is easy to cook with.

Stone Hollow Farmstead Marinated Goat Cheese // $15.00
There are multiple flavors and all are wonderful as an appetizer for a party or dinner and can also be used to cook with.

All products listed can be found and gift wrapped at The Pantry by Stone Hollow Farmstead
17 Dexter Ave, Mountain Brook AL, 35213 // (205) 803-3585

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