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Position Type

  • Full-Time | Salary (minimum of 40 hrs/wk)
  • Location | Birmingham, AL
  • Reports To | General Store Manager
  • Start Date | immediate

General Requirements & Expectations

  • Minimum of 1-2 years management experience leading a sales team.
  • Flexible schedule with no other outside jobs.
  • Exemplify Soca’s Vision, Mission, and Values.
  • A Soca fan with a heart for fashion.
  • High energy level.
  • Warmth and enthusiasm.
  • Strong communications skills.
  • Love building new relationships.
  • Willingness to go above and beyond.
  • Flexibility and positive reaction to change.
  • Uphold all company policies and procedures.



  • Ensure sales team is aware of sales goals and keep them updated on where store is for day/week/month.
  • Regularly run numbers to monitor sales and keep staff informed.
  • Execute weekly selling plan.
  • Partner with the General Manager to create a weekly sales plan to impact sales.
  • Meet with all team members to ensure they understand the plan.
  • Monitor and hold team accountable to achieving the plan.
  • Track incentives through using the Sales Incentive Form.
  • Monitor and keep staff motivated around the incentive.
  • Track and monitor each employee’s sales performance.
  • Motivate and assist team to achieve high sales.
  • Report and give feedback to the General Manager.
  • Train staff on the following sales-related items: POS (etiquette, holds, forms of payment, returns, phone order, returns/exchanges, etc), Company Selling Philosophy, Upselling Opportunities (add on sales, alternate options if item unavailable, etc), Energy & Atmosphere on Floor, Utilizing Product Knowledge & Sales Tips.

Customer Service

  • Create Soca Fans!
  • Model customer care expectations.
  • Train and develop team with customer care expectations.
  • Ensure staff is engaging with customers.
  • Teach team members how to form and maintain customer relationships.
  • Report and give feedback to General Manager regarding employee development regarding customer relations.
  • Oversee and monitor customer clienteling.
  • Ensure team is utilizing client programs – customer request log, customer client book, and denim wish list.
  • Collaborate with the General Manager to develop ways to further client satisfaction.
  • Ensure customers are aware of all promotions and special events.
  • Train staff on on the following customer care items: how to solve customer problems and fulfill their needs, how to handle an upset customer, general etiquette (at point of sale, phone, dressing room, etc), operational items (returns/exchanges, holds, VIP cards, etc.)

Store Presentation

  • Train staff on merchandising maintenance and restock standards.
  • Ensure daily restock of product is achieved and executed accurately.
  • Keep product fully stocked on sales floor at all times.
  • Provide merchandising feedback and input to the General Manager in regards to sales and customer care.
  • Understand merchandising plans executed by the visual team in order to update the sales team.
  • Brief team members on merchandising adjustments in daily wrap-ins.
  • Help keep in-store signage up to date and make suggestions for improvements or needs.
  • Ensure Front of House (FOH) daily maintenance tasks are being executed accurately.
  • Teach, train, and develop team members and leaders how to execute tasks accurately.
  • Monitor Daily-Wrap In sheets for leader sign off.
  • Hold staff accountable to adherence.


  • Help recruit new team members. 
  • Meet with prospective hires and assist with the interview process. 
  • Provide feedback and input to the General Manager regarding the sales team, individual staff development, and staffing needs. 
  • Review schedules and provide feedback to impacts sales. 
  • Ring employee purchases. 
  • Help train out new company policies to staff. 
  • Model all company standards and expectations and hold staff accountable. (ex. dress code) 
  • Document interactions regarding employee performance and submit to General Manager.
  • Fill out Daily Wrap-In sheets. Wrap-in employees upon arrival each day. Teach leaders how to do a Daily Wrap-In. 
  • Ensure team is reading and signing memos and executing the information.
  • Keep up with employee wins and achievements and encourage them to motivate one another.
  • Set the tone and culture on the sales floor. Encourage team and keep them motivated. 
  • Suggest creative ways to keep team excited and working together. 
  • Collaborate with the General Manager to come up with training topics for sales meetings. Attend all sales meetings. Lead some sales meetings.
  • Holds a key to the store. 
  • Train staff on register and point of sale procedures and hold them accountable to security policies. 
  • Trains staff on theft prevention and how to handle theft situations in store. 
  • Track expenses and fill out expense report and issue to the General Manager each month.
  • Understand all components of IT and equipment in store to handle any potential issues. Handle any technical, POS, or maintenance issues that arise while working the sales floor. Report any issues to the General Manager. 
  • Help execute and lead team during seasonal store inventory.


  • Assist with local outreach to build awareness, increase traffic, and generate new business for the store.
  • Attend all in-store events.
  • Attend neighborhood meetings on behalf of General Manager if they are unable to attend.
  • Assist with execution of local social media posting.
  • Accept donation requests and collect adequate information to turn in to General Manager.

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